We are the first authorized dealer and distributor in Mongolia for ‘Exxon Mobil,’ a leading US company in terms of product quality and sales. We import and sell a wide range of oils, lubricants, coolants, and automotive chemical products from Germany, Canada, South Korea, and Russia.


We import and sell over 100 types of oils and lubricants, including products from globally renowned brands such as Mobil from ExxonMobil, ROLF in Germany, Reco Cool in Canada, as well as from major Russian companies from Angarsk, Omsk, Dzerzhinsk, and Nizhny Novgorod.

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Considerations During an Oil Change

Your most trusted advisor is the car manufacturer. In the manual of the car, it is written how many liters of oil should go into the engine. Choose oil according to this recommendation.

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Do not allow for excess air loss.

Ulaanbaatar city has more than 450,000 vehicles. During the Covid quarantine, more than 10% of them are on the move and the other 90% are idle for at least 14 days. One thing to consider at this point is tire pressure.

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How to check your engine oil?

Maintains its viscosity during use

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Why use Mobil oil

Available at all Petrovis gas stations. 100% synthetic oil with premium specifications Mobil

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As a driver, what do you know about Rolf oil?

As a driver, can you answer the following questions?

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